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April 12, 2010

Super ZZT

Filed under: Aeon, Fun & Games — Greg Divis @ 9:46 pm

In my last post, I wrote a little about ZZT. Its success led to something of a sequel released in 1991 called Super ZZT.

Super ZZT Title Screen

Its gameplay is nearly identical to ZZT, but with a few technical changes and enhancements. Most noticeably, the game itself now uses the lower-resolution 40×25 text mode, but the boards are much larger and scroll with the player.

Super ZZT Gameplay

Like ZZT, it includes an editor for making your own games, but you had to run the game with a special command line argument to enable it; also, the editor runs in the higher-res 80×25 mode, which could make it tough to figure out when something visible in the editor would be visible in the game. In all, it’s a fun enough game for a little while, but in my opinion it lacks the novelty value of the original ZZT and doesn’t really deliver that many improvements. Still, it came out only a year after ZZT, so you can’t really expect that much to be different.  I may have made one or two little Super ZZT games years ago, but I never really got into it. Judging from the relative lack of Super ZZT content on the Internet today, I wasn’t the only one.

This was the first and only actual sequel to ZZT, but certainly not the last game to follow in its footsteps. Next time I’ll conclude this little series with a look back at ZZT’s spiritual successor.

I’ll get back to some technical posts again after that, I promise :)


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