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November 3, 2010

Aeon Version 0.62

Filed under: Aeon, New Version — Greg Divis @ 9:41 pm

This build mainly just has some improved compatibility and a few minor performance tweaks. Here is the change list:

  • Fixed long-standing issue with the InterruptEnable flag not always getting reset after a system call
  • Enabled UI elements for configuring emulated hardware
  • Fixed minor bug causing too many bytes to be loaded from exe files
  • DOS IOCTL Get Device Info function is more accurate and less of a hack
  • Fixed another bug with handling invalid DOS file names
  • Fixed bug preventing DOS FindFirstFile function from returning certain directory names
  • Fixed bug causing child DOS processes to sometimes inherit the wrong environment block
  • Fixed bug with some special DOS devices not being recognized (NUL, CON)
  • Improved VESA VBE 1.2 implementation
  • Partial VESA VBE 2.0 implementation
  • Added AAM instruction
  • Fixed improper Trap Gate emulation on interrupts
  • General Protection Faults are now properly raised when an invalid selector is loaded
  • Fixed stack alignment bug from an exception on a pop to segment register instruction

Download it here. I’ll have more information on what’s to come up on the blog in the near future.


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