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April 20, 2011

Aeon Version 0.63

Filed under: Aeon, New Version — Greg Divis @ 9:31 pm

Finally a new build! I guess I should really stop saying I’m going to update this blog more often. I’d like to… Well, I’m sure you’ve heard all of the standard excuses already, so on to the change list:

  • Added game port emulation for joystick support
  • Fixed bug allowing an interrupt window after some pop ss instructions which caused random crashing
  • Fixed bug preventing SVGA from being detected in some programs
  • CD-ROM emulation is much more accurate when mounting a host drive or an iso
  • Host CD drive can now be captured
  • Minor performance improvements to a large number of instructions
  • Major performance increase for 4-plane video modes (EGA, Mode X)
  • Added support for launching commands with /c
  • Fixed memory corruption issue when too many files were opened at once
  • Added "Check for Updates" option to Help menu

I finally added joystick support! It’s not very configurable yet – just giving you access to two axes and the first 4 buttons on any standard gamepad/controller/joystick. A more sophisticated button/key mapper will be added in a future version.

As usual, the download is here. I’ve redone the website as well. Hopefully most will consider this an improvement :)

Update: There is a bug in the installer that will report the incorrect version when upgrading. You’ll have to uninstall the old version first, then the install will run correctly.


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  1. Great! Thought the project was dead – glad to hear DOSBox has competition :D

    Comment by sardaukar — April 21, 2011 @ 5:22 am

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